Subject Knowledge Enhancement

Don’t hold back from applying for teacher training because of your subject knowledge. You may still be able to train to teach these subjects by building up or refreshing your existing knowledge with a subject knowledge enhancement (SKE) programme. For more information click here which includes a directory of all SKE providers in your area.

When you apply for teacher training, you may be asked to take an SKE course if you have the right qualities to become a teacher, but need to acquire more subject knowledge first. If that’s the case, you’ll be offered a conditional place upon completing an SKE.

This could be for several reasons, including:

  • your degree wasn’t in your chosen subject, but is closely related
  • you studied the subject at A level, but not at university
  • you have relevant professional experience, and an SKE course would show you how to apply that to the curriculum and your teaching
  • you would benefit from a short refresher course in your chosen subject

SKE courses are designed to help applicants gain the depth of subject knowledge needed to train to teach their chosen subject.

SKE is funded in: biology, chemistry, computing, design & technology, English, geography, maths, modern foreign languages, physics, primary maths and religious education. Courses range from an 8-week refresher up to more intensive courses of 28 weeks. Eligible candidates could also receive a bursary of £200 per week.

For further information and to arrange SKE courses for your candidates, please visit Subject knowledge enhancement (SKE): course providers.