NPQML Autumn 19 Cohort F2F Event

June 29, 2020 @ 8:45 am – 3:45 pm
Studley High School
Shires TSA

Each day is facilitated by experienced serving school leaders.

Event 1: Strategy &
• The qualification framework and assessment criteria
• Outcomes of the 360° diagnostic
• School improvement project planning
• Analysing school data and identifying strategies for improvement
• Effective leadership of change strategies
Event 2: Teaching
& Curriculum Excellence
• Reflections on Teaching & Curriculum Excellence
• Applying learning to PISA data 2015
• Considering Prof Robert Coe’s questions about school improvement with impact
• A US Navy model of leadership
• Strategies for managing your own well-being
Event 3: Managing
Resources & Risk
• Assessing individual performance and capability
• Establishing relationships and structures and/or processes to mitigate barriers
• Analysing the financial and staffing implications of plans
• Evaluating the impact and cost-effectiveness of professional development in terms of pupil outcomes